You are a gift

Your life should feel good, be fun, and be full of pleasure and satisfaction

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Decrease Your Daily Stress and Tension

How you deal with stress is important to your overall health!

Stephanie's New Book

Stephanie McCannon was just twenty-eight years old when she was diagnosed with a devastating autoimmune disorder. Worried about leaving two toddlers and a baby on the way without a mother, she launched an in-depth investigation to heal her body. What she learned saved her unborn child's life and is allowing her to see her children grow up.

Against the advice of her  physicians she refused large doses of medication and sought alternative methods for healing. What she discovered was so shocking she has dedicated her life to helping others live a Happy, Healthy and Human life.

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About me, Natural Healing expert, author, and certified health & wellness coach

Stephanie McCannon is the go to coach for Happy Healthy Living.  As a stressed-out mother and business owner who developed an auto-immune disorder, she understands firsthand the pitfalls and payoffs of a dedicated healthy working person.

After gaining her health back, and dodging an early death (or a lifetime of drugs and surgery), Stephanie eagerly helps others regain control of their health, relationships and life. Her passion is getting you back on track and helping you discover the power of your possibilities.
Stephanie graduated from Washington State University, Cum Laude. She has attained her Master's degree in Organizational Psychology, in addition, she earned her certification as a Health &Wellness Coach and certified magnetic mind coach.



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BolsterUp Life Academy

Join the Revolutionary New Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Happy, Healthy Human.

My course helps growth seekers learn how to leverage their strengths to effectively communicate needs and wants so they can enjoy a fulfilling work and home life.

This course is designed to improve mental, emotional and physical health using the BolsterUp Method to generate overall life satisfaction, identify needs and how to fulfill them. 

Take your time or devour as much training as you like through my online self-study course. Plus Individualized private one on one and group coaching. 

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Embrace your body

You are a gift. Your body and your life are a gift. 

Poor life balance, high levels of stress and never knowing what to eat can take all the fun out of life. I want you to embrace your body, to rejoice in your relationships, and look forward to getting out of bed in the morning.

Yes, it is possible for YOU to enjoy your fantastic, amazing, and beautiful body... as it is RIGHT NOW! It is possible to feel satisfied, and be successful by being YOU.

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Join BolsterUp! online

I am so excited to invite you to my playground! Make sure you connect through social media.

Discover your possibilities of greatness, health and happiness. Why not you? Why not now? You get content and training in addition to being a part of the most wonderful group people on the planet.

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Decrease Your Daily Stress and Tension

How you deal with stress is important to your satisfaction!